Plantaardig en clean label zuivel

‘For irresistible creamy clean label textures.’

The market is growing as consumers seek out sustainable and clean label alternatives. With the neutral taste, clean appearance, and smooth texture of our potato products, manufacturers can overcome the challenges of plant-based and traditional dairy.


Enhancing a rich and creamy taste

There is an abundance of choice when it comes to yogurt. Consumers seek out allergen-free, sustainable and healthy food products with clean ingredients and distinct (identifiable) textures.

Etenia™ serves as a clean label substitute for milk fat, protein or hydrocolloids whilst retaining flavor and creaminess.

Perfectasol™ is the first choice for your  plant-based, clean label dairy products ensuring  a rich, creamy and full mouthfeel.

Cream cheese

Spreadability without adding significant costs

A good cream cheese is rich, soft, mild, and spreadable. It’s right there in the name: cream cheese is creamy.

Etenia™ is a highly efficient  clean label texturizer for your cream cheese without adding significant costs.

Perfectasol™ the perfect texturizer for creamy and spreadable plant-based cheese products.


Give your customers the creaminess, texture, and delight they expect

Delicious desserts should feel like a treat. Give your customers the creaminess, texture and delight they expect.

Etenia™ is the multi-functional clean label texturizer  for smooth, creamy and excellent spoonable desserts.

Perfectasol™ is the perfect texturizer for rich, creamy plant-based desserts with a great full mouthfeel.

Plant-based dairy with Perfectasol™
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Who thought saving the planet could be so delicious?

Perfectasol™ our plant-based solutions that rivals the rich, creamy, and smooth textures of dairy, with an attractive clean label that fits your processing equipment.